About Us

Federico and Gianluca, after many successful years of experience in the processing of flour under the brand “La Fiordineve” wanted to achieve their main goal, which consisted in launching a project of processing urefi-ned flour derived from ancient wheat locally farmed , in the area of Narni, Umbria, trough an old mill. Flour deriving from this refined wheat are completely free from herbicide and chemical agents, that makes it particulary healty. A specific Organic Test certifies the flour, which naturally contains a percentage of gluten ranging from 1% to 3%, compared to the 15% of gluten contained in standard flour. It can be used in both homemade and professional recipes and all types of flour can perfectly adapt to different preparations.

The benefits that come from the properties of those types of flour are immediate on wellness and healt; once they have been tried out it is impossible to turn back! Equally important are the benefits on agriculture and nature. In fact erasing completely the employment of chemicals, ancient wheat presents itself as “green life” products. The quality and versatility of Grani antichi flour have been inspiring our creativity: this is how the microbrew beer and our pasta were born. The idea of genuine products, healty and absolutely worth discovering.

This is a green, ambitious project, healty and aimed at enhancing the area of Narni of the greenest region of Italy.